Whether you are a expat family living in Paris or visiting the city for few days, you’ll enjoy stopping at Pause Poussette ; this place is together a children-parents cafe, a experience sharing place for families and an playing and activity area for children from birth till 10 year old (accompanied by an adult).

A team of childhood professionals welcome you 6 days per week  – Tuesday – Sunday. Activities are organized for young as for older children (music, dance, cooking…) (advance booking needed). 

Parents will enjoy the cafe corner for good cakes and sharing with other parents.

For the whole family, have a stop and enjoy snacks, drinks and brunch (on Sunday).

PS : same street, at 26 rue Mayet, get in the (fabulous) Comptoir Azur, store, dedicated to Mediterranean arts and crafts!

Pause Poussette
14 rue Mayet
75006 Paris
Tel : 01 42 77 18 60
Open Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 8pm

Site web : http://www.pausepoussette.eu/
Actus : https://www.facebook.com/pausepoussette.eu/